About Me


I’m Ruei, 24 years old Taiwanese girl with true passion in foods and also a highly addict travel lover.

I studied industrial design in the past four years,and minor in business management.There’s one thing I benefit the most from my product design background is that is to solve problems with design thinking skill, focus on the human’s need and provide the most effect way with style shape.

As my final project “Tea Project”for example, I tried to put more focus on  humans behave, and studied about more culture stuff. Redified the “tea table” create in a more modern way, as well as I designed a set of tableware for Chinese tea.

"Tea Project"___my final project

Through “Wabi-Sabi “spirit, pursuing of “tea experience ”and its tender characteristics. With the tea-centered thinking, bring the natural beauty is brought into the indoor space to create a new interpre- tation on tea table. Also, the interpretation between the objects and space gives the imagination of tea in a simple modern way.


After these training from design, I still curious about the gap between pure design and the business model and with the passion of knowing more knowledge of business so that’s why I’m in London now. Recently I’ve been studying MA Advertising in the creative economy at Kingston university in London.

This is a new blog which provides my thoughts in MACE (MA creative economy) and might record some learning experience during this year.

P.S. You are more than welcome to leave comments below and share your ideas with me:)

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Twitter user @wei_rueiwen  ( https://twitter.com/wei_rueiwen )
Instagram user name: rueiwen


Ruei  xxx


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