Apollo Robbins’ attention theory; the art of misdirection

We always believe “what we have seen”, but if “that” became unreliable.
Can we really believe our eyes anymone?
Today I am gonna to talk about a pickpocket performer’s unique artistic talent.

Probably he is the only one who let you go into the property was touched while also happily applauded. It is Apollo Robbins, a 38 -year-old American man who is known as the best in the world Thief, and “Magic Circle legend”. With full-time in Las Vegas “performance pickpocketing ” more than ten years, he has mysteriously removed from his audience numerous items – cash, watches, rings, mobile phone ……etc. After that, he will return then skillfully. During the performing, even audiences barely bat an eye , is still difficult to discern Robbins cathartic nirvana .

Apollo Robbins: The art of misdirection 

In the film, Robbins changes this minor offense as an artistic evolution, turn it into a kind of “diversionary art”.  What he did is “pickpocket”, and this non- traditional approach to learning human behavior patterns. He believes that attention affects peoples ‘s view of the real world. If you can manipulate, and transfer a person ‘s attention, like water flowing in general guidelines which place to go. After this, people can predict the behavior of others.

Pickpocketing and magic only a thin line , both of which are constantly lying, cheating, trying to not get caught. The only thing differs between these twos is that magic will temporarily steal things back to the audience. And as pickpocketing magician Robbins, he does not like the magician reluctant revealed. He teaches these techniques to the audience, and carefully explain the slow motion segment demonstrates of his superb pocketing process.

Recently, all psychiatrists, neuroscientists and the military started delving into Robbins’ attention theory, from a cognitive interpretation of his skill level, and research to better understand the nature of human attention. The combination of magic and neuroscience has become a hot topic in the scientific community.

What Robbins tries to tell us is that “never to over-focus on a particular thing, but nothing obvious thing in sight.”And this is quiet interesting point that I have never taught. We could easily link our project, when we doing lots surveys and try to define that who’s our target audience. Maybe we should back up a little bit, why people why people make dedications rather them the others.


And we shouldn’t over-focus on one staff, or we might lose the most basic part of the thing. Also, we should have border view of everything, and think-twice when we are trying to find the best solutions as well.

This is the video shows  how Apollo Robbins stole watch , wallet and cell phone.



Hope you guys feel inspired with Robbins’ theory as I did.




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