Willful blindness is more terrible than ignorance


Hi, today I gonna talk about “Willful blindness”.

I was just reading a news from Taiwan, there’s an old lady trying to buy a bus ticket during midnight. And the officer from the station was yelling at her with a bad attitude. But no one gave her a hand to the old lady at that moment. After this video there’s a huge argument why people become indifferent and not willing to help.

Then I found an interesting video to talk about the issue of “Willful blindness” by Margaret Heffernan.

Is a “Willful blindness” common problem of mankind ?Nowadays , we are always busy, selective ignoring the irrelevant small problem. People think that if this issue is really important, someone will raise the topic, but in fact , we are the people who come forward.

Margaret mentioned that it is natural for people to choose not to confront the problem and let the problem grow spread. And if they do not seriously affect the rest of their lives , people won’t pay attention to it. Research shows that people pretend to ignore because of the scare. Fear to become the helpless people, fear of exclusion, unequal treatment…and so on. Still  some people even take the opinion of that , seeing everything clearly doesn’t help , nothing will change in this regard. It is better to pretend does not see well.

However, in the case of “Willful blindness” , we ignore the many things associated with their personal , ignoring even a man can also bring very large force.

Also, when we are willing to speak our own voice to challenge, verify , and exercise the right to freedom of speech expression. Although it might turn out of dispute , even suffering with colleagues , friends and family members of  different opposition. But during this conflict will allow people to know each better , and improve people challenge each other’s ideas , collision, stirring until a consensus , stimulate new ideas.

We can not predict the courage to stand up , will produce what kind of impact. But at least, we could try to strive, to seek and might find the existence of self- worth. Moreover, we should always keep an eye on our daily life, never let the old lady issue happen again. No matter what happen in the future, always keep a heart of ” sympathy” and keep a  heart of passion for our world. We also need to keep this in mind when we are setting up our business, we always need to remember that what we do is start from the willing to help our customers and provide them a better solution for life.

There’s been a video of “speed painter”, Anderson Cooper , is a typical example of “willful blindness”.


Hope you guys like what I share this time,



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