The debate of “Ashley Madison”; success or not?

Before we start up our business idea, we always consider that is this idea valueable?

Could this idea really work in nowadays society?

Should we follow the common custom which set up by the world?

Do those rules limited creative ideas?

Sometimes, maybe break up all these rules might make a whole new difference.


There’s a website called “Ashley Madison”

The main idea of that site is that “Life is short. Have an affair.”

Ashley Madison

There’s always debate with weather “Ashley Madison” is a successful site or not?

With this purpose, the CEO, and  the cofounder of the website as well, Noel Biderman said “The tip of woman to maintain marriage is having an affair.

Unlike other single dating sites, Ashley Madison is looking for “married men and women.” And it emphasized the purpose of the creator, moderate extramarital affair can maintain long-term and stable marriage. (?)

According to their purpose, they took the idea of having this platform could help “woman” , especially those who suffer from the issue of husband cheating. No matter in which country, most of the time a woman is the weaker party.  Men having affairs is not a news , but women having an affair is very rare. It’s not just given to the impact of social values​​, women give their bondage is more important reason . Ashley Madison’s founder is not to make men more likely to have affair, but let women know that they can also be having an affair, and is very private, protected under the state.

Ashley Madison has already set up for a decade, they already have their service in 31 countries, and almost accumulated  twenty-three million members. Eventhough, there are some conservative Asian countries already declared that “Ashley Madison” is not welcome in advance. For them, it’s a business of the study of human, these members of the data and the data allows them to discover a lot of things , even the major colleges, research institutes are willing to obtain the information to do research in a variety of human psychology.

After all of this, there might always cause endless debate for “Ashley Madison”. In my own opinion, I believe maybe “Ashley Madison” do offer a new way for women, but having an affair is definitely not the only solution to restore the relationship. Anyway, before we start up our business we should step back a little bit and rethink whether is the best solution or not.

Hope u gays like it, xxx



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