Is the customer review reliable?

As a highly addicted online shopper, I always trust the customer reviews from the internet.

While my team decide to sell our product “Le petit sac” at amazon .com.

I found an interesting truth that amazon hire some professional reviewers to write the reviews, and this really shocks me.

I feel like the these  reviews are not that reliable.

But the problem is “Why they do this? /Who are these people exactly?”

Michael Erb is Amazon’s chief customer reviewer, an invitation-only program for the site’s top reviewers, which called “Vine program”.

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 19.47.22

Vine is only given a high ranking Reviewers invitation system plan. At least once a month, Amazon will send a letter to Erb.

The contents inside the letter is the product overview. Erb can choose any two products, while his only obligation is to write within 30 days of these products Review on Amazon. After having the review, Erb can have these products.

He mentioned that “I have so many Bluetooth speakers, it’s ridiculous.”

“I’ve got enough lithium ion batteries in my house to blow up a city block.”

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 19.47.47

The  green word above says ” Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program “.

But still most people do not bother Vine Program in the end is what the stuff, so it does not know the fact these Reviewers did not really spend money on products. Strictly speaking, they cannot be regarded as a customer, but many people do not know about it.

It’s like a man not given birth to a child told the woman , “What is birth ? ” Like , if not his own pocket , and how to understand the customer ‘s wish? But they do have a lot of supporters , so in the end it is worthwhile reference? Still remain a doubtful problem.
Research professor at New York University’s Anindya Ghose comes to customer reviews, Vine’s Reviewers likely to write only positive Review, in order to have more opportunities in the future to get a free product.

“As humans we are hard-wired to give in to this sort of enticement where if you continuously get things for free, then you’re more likely to be biased positively than biased negatively,” he said.

But Julie Law, an Amazon spokeswoman, also spoke that Vine reviews have fewer stars, on average, than other reviewers on the site.

Law also mentioned that the Vine program is to be challenging Customer Review itself has problems.

If a customer encounters shipping problems and review the contents of the above products often do not focus on the body, so Amazon will call on the platform some of the most trusted Reviewers provide more valuable reference content.

But there’s a tricky point , even if the product has a negative Review, is still better than no Review selling products.

These might be the reason why Amazon needs these people for reviewing.

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 20.34.42

As a customer, can we really trust this kind of reviews????? Still having the larger debate.

For me, I still always trust the reviews and took the opinion that the product with larger amount of reviews makes me feel more reliable.

However, maybe next time before we buy stuff, we should reconsider the review of the Vine Program.

We might have more different point of view to them.



Hope you like it,




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