The daddy who wear skirt: about respect

Recently, a German daddy named Nils Pickert, wrote in an article on Facebook widely reported.

Having the son likes to wear skirts, in order to support and keep his son’s little mind healthy and strong. This father also puts on a skirt and took his son on the streets together, to face the public.


Gender equality is not only in words. In reality, the truth is , “He worked hard career, she dishes the rest.”
This dad mentioned he is an equal treatment of the child’s father. Also, he realized that he belongs to the minority could be occasionally ridiculous. Due to the problem of his son can’t make friends because of wearing skirt, daddy decided to help him to stand tall. He would not want him teaching my son to take off the skirt.

Because of being hard to ask a preschool child to have the ability to defend themselves like adults. The daddy decides to be his role model, because of his son’s lack of a not role model. They have a skirt day to wear the skirt together.

Shortly after the move, start from only wear on weekends, now his son start wearing skirts to kindergarten. When another boy laugh at his son, he just smiled and said, “Your father did not dare to wear a skirt , so you did not dare.” Now he is so confident and have a broad-minded. Because he has a father wearing a skirt.

Actually, for me, the issue of gander problem always exists, most people keep the traditional view to these issues. But just a tiny move could change a lot. We need to keep a heart of empathy as always.

After all, the empathy also is the one of the most vital stuff which our tutor Corrine always emphasized to us when we start up our business. Also, this is the only way to meet the real need. Learning from this father, I noticed that even though is hard to change people’s mind, but maybe just use some tips the whole situation might change.

Smart daddy, Cheers!




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