Celebrate Enterprise in Kingston University /2014

Thursday 3 April 2014. Celebrate Enterprise

This is an annual event for Kingston university which aim to celebrate the achievements of entrepreneurship and enterprise. Also, Best Young Enterprise Teams 2014 would be announced at this ceremony.


Ruby McGregor Smith, the CEO of  MITIE, shared her experiences and ideas with the new entrepreneurs for encouraging them to create new businesses. There is one line impressed me a lot. The line is as follows,

Never disappointed by people.

Don’t ever give up.

Ruby McGregor-Smith CBE,CEO,Mitie

For all of us in the startup precess it definitely is a vital. Most new entrepreneurs have gone though all the hard time. Don’t give up easily is absolutely the most necessary advise for all of the new starters.

We need to believe what we believe, even sometime we might disappoint by people we still need to continue our goals and never ever give up.

At the very beginning, the atmosphere of the ceremony was filled with nervous. All the young entrepreneurs were expected to know who is the winner.

After the long waiting, the winner is

Le Petit Sac

It’s US!!!!!!!

Until now we still can’t believe our team won the prize!!!!!

That means we won 2 award:

  • Best Young Enterprise Team 2014-Our team ‘Le petit sac’ shares this award with ‘Bookworm’ and we need to attend the final Young Enterprise competition in May in Canary Wharf which represent the Kingston university.
  • Dragons Den £3,000 Seed Money 2014-  The ‘big’ amount of money will be a lot of help in our continuing development of our business.



In the whole process of the developing our business, I learn a lot, which is basically two major parts.

First of all, to make the idea into a real product is our first task. We learned by trying, and trying, keep facing the with the problems and all of us spent days and nights on the product to make it perfect. Even though we spent a huge amount of time and money to find the most appropriate supports is hard, but the final outcomes are lovely.

Second, how the reach the goal in limited time is the other main task for us. Our team worked hard and seriously, even some fight and problems might happen, but all of us solve them with a mature attitude. After all, thanks to our beloved Judy, the manager in Le petit sac, she is not only the best manager and also played the role of the mom of our brand ‘Le petit sac’. Lead us in the right direction and good care of the time managing. Without her, we won’t have today:)

After all, thanks all of you guys who supporting ‘Le petit sac’

Cheers x


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