The new way of daily pooping process


‘All the universe would stop, when you poop’ This is a project from Jeong Mi Lee.

People always tend to avoid talking about ‘our daily pooping time’.

And think these kind of topic is improper. However, this topic is still our everyday issue.
Jeong Mi Lee, a South Korean designer introduced a series of experimental video-poems that question ‘our daily pooping time’.

This project challenges the traditional image of ‘people’s private time in toilet’. She offered few toilet scenarios to remind ways for people to achieve a sense of dignity while sitting on the bowl. ‘The power of the poop process’ is a short clip that aims to dispel feelings of embarrassment, by turning the digestive act into a moment of beauty.

In this clip, the floor features an illuminated pattern that is activated each time the actor relieves herself, with accompanying sound effects.

This is the tissue holder designed by Jeong Mi Lee as well, which also question about the relation between the light and the role of the tissue.
Jeong Mi Lee believed,‘we can’t proudly say ‘I need to poop and pee’ on a blind date. We all think we’re the noble, elegant human beings, but ultimately, inevitably we have to poop. How can we keep our dignity and poop at the same time?’.
By this project, Jeong Mi Lee already present a lovely way for people to rethink our pooping problem in with dignity, and provide a cute way for the quality daily life.
Hope you enjoy Jeong Mi’s project.


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