Wisest branding tip: selling products by emotional connection

This is before Colgate (Colgate) new section of the new clip. I was expected to hear “the most dentists recommend “, the results did not. The last sentence of the movie “Close the Tap” to remind people to turn off the tap when brushing your teeth, because of the waste water from the unnoticed habit that may be the whole month’s water consumption for the other family.


Start from young man brushing his teeth, just hand out a lot and got out of the water under the tap continuously. Dirty hands holding a cup, a pair of full of wrinkles and trembling hands, a hand full of mud.


Turning to the last part, a little girl ran out, with a little tiny hand dish of water, but fully satisfied.

This is such an unusual advertisement.

For most of the brand, in a few minutes of advertisement, companies often only focus on how to sell their products and try to prove to most consumers know their stuff as well.

This kind of ads used a different way for all the target audiences. When people saw this advertisement are tend to stop a little bit and rethink for a moment.

Maybe this ad is no longer the most vivid colors, nor the most beautiful actress or special effects, but most can touch the hearts of consumers.

For me this ad is truly success and build up their brand identity in a few minutes.




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