From IKEA AD: Tiny change could made a huge difference


When the environmental issues comes to advertising, to many manufacturers the best spokesmen they will think of being polar bear or penguin. World-renowned Swedish furniture giant IKEA, they use a very special group of guys as their advertising protagonist, which is the IKEA LED, energy saving light bulbs!

It is advertising for the energy-saving bulbs shooting for IKEA UK , there are full of various LED lights (lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers…), and the whole shooting made the beautiful forest in a fairy magic charm.

IKEA has been known as the Scandinavian minimalist style of design, medium price closest to the people, with the fun of DIY, these are IKEA’s brand characteristics. IKEA does not for advanced or boutique design route, plus  have a certain reputation in the country, the past advertising from IKEA are more focus on promotional.

In recent years, IKEA buttressed advantage of the visibility and awareness of price, the brand marketing strategy has shifted operations from marketing. IKEA now not only emphasize the price advantage, but also use the image of advertising and consumer emotional communication.

In this IKEA ad it mentioned “By 2016, we will only sell energy-efficient LED lights,” in order to advocate people to replace ordinary light bulbs for energy-saving LED lights.

IKEA wants to deliver the concept of being environmentally friendly is not that difficult, and sometimes such a small change can have a big difference.

The same concept is also used by MOFILM, a world-renowned film companies have more than 50,000 outstanding directors. They filmed green advertising called “Little Things” applied the similar concept as well.

These two advertisements are both talking about the tiny change form own daily life could make a huge difference in the world. We should all notice the power of each person and all of us should make a little change might make our world better.

We should start and never too late:)



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