Why not being an activist? The change could start from toys.

Toys may cause a huge impact to children.

There is a four year old boy, he loves cooking, aspiring to become a chef. Sister McKenna Pope saw this, she decided to prepare a simple oven, as the best gift to his brother.

But when McKenna was trying to select the right gift the perfect gift from Hasbro toy company’s product catalog, and soon encountered a problem, she found that most of the appearance of oven full of floral patterns, colors, mostly pink or purple fluorescent, and all of them are the stereotypical feminine color, it also indirectly conveys a message: only girls should cook, the boy cannot.

This is a very frustrating thing to his brother, he began to feel professional chef girls, girls can cook, but not boys.

McKenna want to change the message Hasbro passed, she wanted to express their true thoughts, to tell them the wrong design should be re-edit. So, she came through the dissemination of information online petition website Change.org.

Change.org is an online petition sharing platform, anyone can initiate a petition on the platform, and through various social networks to share the message out. McKenna through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Tumblr and other sites, and with YouTube videos to spread her appeal. The aim of McKenna is to change marketing strategies from Hasbro, in addition to the boys also appeared in advertising and packaging. Also, she hopes the design of the product could use more neutral colors.
Screenshot 2014-04-25 12.20.05

The petition attracted a lot of attention to the accident, many people get the joint support. Finally, Hasbro not only agreed to redesign, and even invite McKenna to participate their black, silver and blue simple oven latest presentation.

However, there still a lot of people very acid rebound McKenna said and done. “Disgusting liberal son will keep super mom Mother.” ” Somebody has to handle these fart.” ” God, shut up, you just want the money and focus! “But do not underestimate the positive as McKenna, perhaps she might occur as soon as possible to prevent a tragedy in many families. Until today, there are many children because of the strong preference for gender characteristics of toys being labeled, even suffering from bullying.

Just a few months before, the United States celebrated eleven-year-old boy Michael attempted suicide, because he likes the Rainbow Pony (My Little Pony) and long- suffering bullying classmates. Rainbow Pony animated series audience mainly ethnic girl locked in elementary school, is generally considered to be a girl playing with toys.

Similar case will happen, we should not ignore the toy may cause replication gender stereotypes again next potential worries.

In fact, these kind of case are everywhere in our lives, perhaps you have got used to. And maybe you feel is unreasonable, do not feel able to do something about it will help things really changed. But fourteen-year-old McKenna with her actions to prove that change possible. Today’s social networking sites influence should not be underestimated, there are so many pipelines allowing us to express our views on the irrational, then why not?

There are a lot of problems happened in our daily life, what we should do is to define the problem and find the best solution, might be a new business idea, a new product, or like McKenna Pope used Change.org to make the change. Solutions are always around.

We should all become activists, action and change it!

Cheers, and be brave x



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